Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Zoom Craziness

I don't know what it took to make this thing work properly, but I do know that if this is an image, they had to make it extremely huge and then loop it in order for this to work. This is a massive piece of Art.

So I guess the motivation is to have the Google ads on the top, but, still, the amount of time and money that went into this is ridiculous! It takes awhile to load, but you'll be glad you waited!!!

Take a special notice to the guy with the flashlight in the tunnel. I bet he's thinking, "What the...? Something's different about my basement!"

This comes from Analogik, an Australian music and multimedia content hoarder. They say, "Analogik is a group of industry professionals committed to providing quality content and online resources in fields of electronic music, multimedia, visual arts, science, technology, and culture."

Um, in other words they make things.

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