Thursday, August 17, 2006

Walk on Water - Wave Walk

When Money Attacks... Water

Walk on Water - Wave Walk

This invention makes it possible for a person to walk on water at a near normal gait without using any additional accessory. The user gets into the pontoons on dry land, steps into the water and simply keeps going forward after losing contact with solid ground. Bindings are not necessary.

Slow current, small waves, mild wind and underwater obstacles offer little problem and walking through thin ice is quite easy. The user is changing direction by shifting his weight and changing the direction of his feet and legs.

When going back to land, the water walker just walks towards shore and gradually steps out of the water with his feet still inside the pontoons.

Using this invention people may navigate on water in a manner substantially similar to the way they do on dry land, but not as easily and swiftly: Snow shoeing is a good analogy.The invention also enables jumping on water (see photo).

Stepping becomes unnecessary with a strong wind is blowing in a favorable direction. Imagine playing a game like tag or "hide and go seek" on a lake!


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