Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Tom Hanks Testicle Song - Saturday Night Live, Andy Samberg

Here we journey back to 1991 to enjoy the strange clothes, weird hair, huge boomboxes, and most importantly, the bizarre music. Saturday Night Live spends good money on their very unusual skits. This is a wonderful example of that!

Tom Hanks joins The Lonely Island dudes Andy Samberg, Jorm, and Akiva (directing). They are also joined by almost the entire cast of Saturday Night Live. Lorne has come to realize that The Lonely Island is pure gold, and they should use their entire cast to play extras and background for their music videos (which hasn't happened in SNL history until now).

This song is mostly about how Tom and Andy would greatly appreciate it if you didn't chop off their testicles, smash their testicles, or, really, do anything to their testicles. Tom is a little wooden here (possibly on purpose), but Andy knocks one out of the park with his hilarious facial expressions and perfect vocal inflections. Enjoy!

For those who don't know who The Lonely Island is, they are three budding comedians who did online short films on, they did a hit show, The Bu', on, they started writing for MTV awards shows, they met Jimmy Falon, got introduced to Lorne, they were hired onto SNL, and they did Lazy Sunday, the Chronicles of Narnia rap.

Andy is a Saturday Night Live playa', Jorm is an SNL writer/producer, and Akiva is an SNL writer/director. Andy got the spotlight (and the other two didn't) because he was extra busy working the comedy clubs, which is pretty much the training ground for SNL actors. However, all three will hit the spotlight soon as they star in their first movie. Plus, Lorne would have to be crazy to not pull Jorma into the playa's club after their first season!

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