Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Because Shopping is TOO MUCH WORK!!! - Microsoft

Apparently shopping is too much work, as shown by Metro Group's Future Store Initiative. Along with partner, Microsoft, they are showing us what the future of shopping will be like:
  • No more tags on the shelf. They are digital displays that read the products and show the prices.
  • Get a touch-screen computer that you attach to your shopping cart. It aids you while you shop by scanning items for price and details! Plus, if you steal it, you can hock it and buy groceries for a couple of months!
  • Don't wait in line! Just walk through the line! All your items will be read and instantly calculated!
  • Poster images and prices instantly change when new items are placed on the display!

Here is the video that gives tours and samples (live and with 3D models):

Metro Group is the #5 retailer in the world. Their goal is to be the #1 retailer, which may be possible with these stores. Money is really attacking these stores.

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