Thursday, August 03, 2006

Google - Internet Advertising based on watching TV

Google plans on giving you internet advertising (AdSense) and content based on whatever you're watching on TV!

Cythia Brumfield said, "It's an interesting concept because we all sit with out laptops while watching TV."

The article says:

"There is, of course, an easier way to get audience data than listening with a laptop: Google could partner with telcos and cable companies in their respective efforts to deliver next-generation interactive television using Internet-style networking. The only problem is that IPTV, as the marriage of television and broadband networking is called, belongs to Microsoft. Microsoft is the major vendor of software for IPTV network operators and it has plans to be the Google of IPTV."

Here's the article from InformationWeek:

And the image is just a joke. =^)

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