Monday, July 31, 2006

The Most Confusing Desktop Ever!!!

Here is a great example why "When Money Attacks" exists. A bunch of people got together and decided to figure out a new way to organize your desktop. They took the desktop into the third dimmension, and they studied how we organize our desks and tables in the non-virtual world (the real one). After analyzing how we organize our desktops, they came up with a click or stylus-based solution where you can toss around your software files, pile them up, and organize them in a way that is just as messy as your coffee table! The details of how this system works starts to get really complicated really fast. That is why this is...

The Most Confusing Desktop Ever!!!


Portable Surface Computer

This PlayAnywhere technology allows anyone to set this projector and camera combination down and then interact with any surface. The examples in this video include interacting with objects on the surface, dropping a digital camera on a surface and uploading images or videos that you can move with your hands, and moving around a map (Virtual Earth) with your hands (scrolling and zooming). It turns your surface into multi-touch computer screen!!! Some of this will remind you of the computer that Tom Cruise used in Minority Report. This technology comes from Microsoft Research.

As a bonus, this video also features a compass that points you to the nearest Starbucks!!


Beer & Soda chiller from the makers of hardware coolers

"The U.S.B. Beverage Chiller, from CoolIT Systems of Calgary, Alberta, was designed to spare white-collar workers the irritation of wasted caffeine. The device, which can draw power from most any PC or Macintosh, is sort of a reverse hot plate, as well as CoolIT’s answer to the multitude of U.S.B. drink warmers beloved by coffee-craving geeks [who frequent Starbucks].

"The chiller was inspired by a throwaway joke ... “Somebody said, ‘It’s a shame that our coolers don’t chill beer, because we’d make a lot more money,’ ” said Geoff Lyon, the company’s chief executive. “We all had a good laugh about that one.”

But CoolIT’s chief technology officer, Sandy Scott, treated the remark as a challenge rather than a gag. He went home that night and built a crude prototype that could, indeed, preserve a beer’s drinkability on a hot day... “He came in the next morning, plugged it into my desktop, and said, ‘There’s your beer cooler,’ ” Mr. Lyon said."


...The official website.