Friday, August 18, 2006

The Power Skip - Now you can jump high like a superhero

When Money Attacks... Jumping!

The Power Skip: The ultimate running and jumping event. Now you can jump high like a superhero.

Do you know the feeling of deep snow skiing, trampoline jumping or flying ? The PowerSkip offers it all.

The PowerSkip is mainly defined by a leaf spring, which is controlled during deformation in that way, that the result is a straight movement of the fixing device.

With the PowerSkip functional principle, a degressive spring characteristic and a backward movement of the force-point during deformation is achieved. This supports the natural force-point movement in direction-to-heel at higher loads and allows the runner to transpose his jumping energy optimal.

The website:

For a good handling during running and jumping a low weight is essential. For this reason the PowerSkip is designed strictly to extreme light weight criterions, else only used in aerospace applications.

Because of the application of high strength aluminium alloys for the structural parts and the use of high performance compound materials like E-glasrovings (as in rotor blades of helicopters) for the spring, a total weight of 3.5 kg per each is achieved. For comparison: The spring force is similar to a spring in the wheel suspension of a small car. The sole weight of such a spring is about 3.5 kg.

Watch this video! This is amazing!

There's another product called Power Risers, but you can't jump this high. Imagine playing games like tag! What kind of game would you play if you could jump this high?

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