Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Gesture-Based Virtual Reality

This is gesture-based virtual reality. In the second game, the player gets to interact with monsters and dragons! The first game is basketball.

"Users do not have to wear, hold or touch anything, which leaves them free to simply step in front of the video camera and actively move about in the screen, as they use their full body to interact with the computer world." States Vincent John Vincent, President of the GestureTek. "It is a totally engaging full body workout if you really get into the challenge."

"[Users] see themselves onscreen, able to interact with the animated basketball and go one-on-one with the player of their choice on a dynamic 3D virtual basketball court." From:

"From fighting dragons to flying broomsticks, interaction with and manipulation of the virtual objects is seamless. The player is free to move about the play area, unrestricted by heavy VR equipment, such as helmets, goggles and joysticks, which also makes it a physical work out for those who seek to be the best.

"For the first time in a GX game players will be able to shoot objects from their hands; in this case it is repelling energy blasts. It is a very empowering experience." From:


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