Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Nintendo Amusement Park

What do you do with a little bit of money and time on your hands? You create a Nintendo amusement park!!!

This is a real-life obstacle course that a player navigates by jumping on trampolines and using harnesses! Of course, there are moving objects and Goombas, just like the hit Super Mario Bros. videogames. You also get to pound bricks, gather coins, and grab mushrooms! And the game wouldn't be complete unless you were dressed up like Mario and Luigi (including only getting four fingers)!!! The video on the home page shows a couple of Americans with a Japanese woman's voice narrating it. I assume this means that the Japanese press is more interested in this than we are!

The legal page is pretty funny:


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Ed said...

It's interesting that they are "developing" their own waver. That takes a lot of work, apparently. =^)