Wednesday, November 05, 2008

Microsoft Surface - Trivia Application

Most early adopters of Microsoft Surface technology are likely to have the resources to develop custom applications, but as multi-touch technology becomes more accessible, a large class of Microsoft Surface owners will not have the resources to develop custom applications. As consumers become more familiar with multi-touch applications it will become increasingly important that every Microsoft Surface deployment provides a unique user experience, or consumers will grow bored with the technology and adopt a “seen one–seen them all” mentality.

To help every Microsoft Surface owner provide a unique experience, we are developing applications that can be rebranded and customized by end users. One application we are working on is the Surface Trivia Engine. The Surface Trivia Engine allows non-technical users to build interactive trivia games. These customized applications and owner-friendly controls will ensure that every time a user sits down at a surface, they will get a totally new experience.


When money attacks... trivia!


Richard Monson-Haefel said...

I was thinking of something very similar for a book I'm doing on Surface. My idea for generating trivia questions was to create a trivia web site where people can start new trivia topics (like a Wiki) and submit trivia questions. Using a RESTful interface you could then access different trivia questions and answers from the Surface unit over the Internet.

Another idea I had was a multi-media trivia game. For example, in a movie trivia game you could show clips from movies or photos of actors and ask questions about them. That would be pretty cool, imo.


The Animation Empire said...


You're writing a book about Surface, or you're making a book app for Surface.

Did you get your SDK (maybe from PDC)? If you do end up making an app, shoot us a comment so that we can blog about your app.

I'm curious if the VectorForm trivia engine will also include multi-media.

Your ideas sound great!