Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Surface Pumpkin App

Halloween is right around the corner, and here at Vectorform we are setting the mood with our newest Surface Experience: Vect-O’ Lantern. Created using Microsoft Expression Blend, this application is proof that developers can make unique and engaging Surface Experience’s with simple controls that come bundled right in the Surface SDK. Vect-O’Lantern is made by using an Ink Canvas layered with effects to make a highly addictive Pumpkin Carving Experience.

So this year, instead of going through the trouble of buying a pumpkin, carving tools, and covering kitchen tables in newspapers, we can all draw on our pumpkins on a Surface. Save as many custom Vect-O’Lanterns as you like, then watch it come to life, flickering with a soft candle glow and cycling through other pumpkin creations. Okay, okay maybe this year we don’t all have a Surface…next year then!! (~_^)


When money attacks... pumpkins?

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