Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Microsoft Surface - Surface Scavenger Hunt (PDC2008)

The Microsoft Surface team has set up a cool little game here at the PDC developer’s conference.

It’s a scavenger hunt. The Surface crew has set up a number of its table-top computers with touch-sensitive screens around the convention center. Participants are given plastic business cards with a unique pattern on the bottom (it sort of looks like a ShotCode or an Aztec Code). You place the card on the Surface table, and up pops a ring of photo thumbnails. The object is to match the thumbnails around your card with the images on the table. When you spot a match, you drag or toss the photo over your card to add it.

Check out the video:

The corresponding photos are distributed among all of the stations, so you move from station to station, playing your card and collecting the photos until you have a full set. A filled card can be redeemed for a Surface t-shirt.

Video 2:

There’s also an air hockey game that I tested, but either it wasn’t working properly or there was some odd bug in the software. Because I rule at air hockey and I found the Surface game pretty much unplayable.

If you want one of these fancy table-top Surface units, you can purchase one, along with an SDK, for $13,500.

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When money attacks... scavenger hunts!

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