Thursday, March 19, 2009

Touch Computing... At banks?

Jason McConnell took me through the "Woodgrove Financial" demo for financial services on Micrososft Surface. This engaging sample application is available for customers who have purchased Microsoft Surface units to better understand how the technology could be used in a retail banking scenario. The scenario shows how Microsoft Surface could be used in a bank lobby for customers to look at account features and sit down with a banker to discuss their financial needs. In this case, personal financial information would not be shown due to privacy concerns in a lobby. However, high level interactive calculators can be used to look at credit cards or investment account payouts.

What do you think of this level of information being provided in a bank? I've also seen deeper dives into financial planning which would be for private sessions with a financial advisor. Do you see this being a good fit for the product?

When money attacks... Banks.

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